Toronto Psychotherapy Program

The basic Toronto psychotherapy training program is a client-centred approach, which will introduce the student to the general principles of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is defined as a re-education of the individual at both the conscious and unconscious levels.

The basic aims of psychotherapy are to assist the client to gain perceptual reorganization, to integrate the consequent insights into his or her personal structure, and to work out methods of handling feelings and emotions originating deep within his or her personality. The existing defenses are usually modified to such a degree that readjustment is obtained. Psychotherapy emphasizes depth and is concerned with alleviating neurotic and pathological conditions.

The course will cover: the basic ingredients of psychotherapy, the basic skills needed by psychotherapists, a practical outline of psychotherapy, and a look at the varieties of psychotherapy.

Each student will practice: taking client histories, doing initial interviews, and conducting practice therapy sessions (one per week). Every class therapy session is videotaped for the student therapist to review the session. It also allows for supervision and class feedback to be provided.

This is a two-year course offered one Friday per month from 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM.
There will be ten training Fridays per year.

Cost: $900 plus HST per year

This course is required for students with no psychotherapy training (may be taken simultaneously with Modules Two and Three).