Professional Psychotherapy
Training Program

Integral Healing Centre of Toronto offers an intensive psychotherapy training program in Toronto, which evolved out of the work of Graciela Damewood. In her search for a resolution to the dilemma of human suffering, Graciela observed that physical, psychological or spiritual approaches alone fail to produce either freedom from pain, a real enjoyment of living or the integrated wholeness of which we are capable. When she began to look closely at the origins of our human condition, she came to recognize that there are “imprints” at the very root of every aspect in a person’s life that condition his or her way of living and how they are influenced by their environment.

This premise encouraged her to begin using the energy available from the “energy body” which surrounds the physical body and permeates its tissues and organs as a means of erasing undesirable imprints and promoting the creation of new, more fulfilling ones. Over the years, she developed a cohesive method that encompasses the spirit-psycho-physical modalities. This method, which she named integral healing allows the coming together of body, soul and spirit to a wholeness through a nurturing healing milieu.

Our psychotherapy training program in Toronto is dedicated to providing students with the tools necessary to help their clients in a profound way. This would help therapists deal with more varied cases and apply a wide range of psychotherapeutic practices. The purpose is to generate greater competency among trainees to better prepare them for the uncertain and sometimes uncharted areas of the human psyche. 

Ours is an engaging training curriculum combined with a deep understanding of the relationship that exists between the mind, body, and spirit.

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Integral Healing Centre’s psychotherapy training program in Toronto is composed of three modules:

Module One: Basic Psychotherapy

  • 80 hours over two years*

  • Required for those who have no psychotherapy training

Module Two: Bioenergetic Psychotherapy

  • 320 hours over four years*

  • Required for those with no training in bioenergetics

Module Three: Energy Healing

  • 320 hours over four years*

* If prerequisites are met, one or two of the required modules may be waived