Energy Healing Psychotherapy

The integral healing training is an integration of Eastern and Western psychology. It is a comprehensive program presenting a large body of information combined with extensive assisted and supervised practice of the healing techniques taught. The first year is dedicated to the understanding of concepts, basic healing techniques and development of the awareness of energy. Group meditation is an integral part of this process. In the following three years, these concepts and practices are continually developed. The following is a brief outline of the areas of study.

Year One – Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Energy Healing

Theoretical teachings: presentation of concepts, operating healing principles, theory of universal archetypes and creation

Development of higher sense perception: attunement, perceiving, directing and modulating of energy, intuition, receptivity, concentration, inner guidance, communication, clarity, imagining and meditating

Managing subtle energy: anatomy of energy bodies (including universal and human energy fields), bioenergetic fields, managing one’s and others’ energy fields, centres and channels of energy (location, structure, physiological correlates, psychological issues, states of balance and imbalance and healing techniques)

Learning healing techniques: basic healing technique, “chelation”, identifying and working with imprints (erasing and creating new ones), and various types of healing

Year Two

Theoretical teachings: review of theory presented in year one, additional teachings related to specific techniques taught (harmonics of colour, universal archetypes, etc.)

Advanced healing techniques and applications: colour spot healing, the back-spinal flush and charge, heart opening, exorcism-types, levels and techniques

Year Three

Theoretical teachings: transpersonal and sacred geometry, mandalas and medicine wheels

Advanced healing techniques and applications: womb building, sacred geometry (triangles and squares), and Hara healing

Year Four

Theoretical teachings: archetype of the feminine, harmonics of sound, crystals, cords and levels

Advanced healing techniques: sound, cords and levels

Practices: basic and advanced energy work, grounding, centering, charging and delivering energy, accessing inner guidance, meditating and clearing higher mind, toning and harmonics, working with: crystals, sacred geometry, imprints, past life memories, energy centres (chakras), layers of the energy field, sacred healing rituals, and accessing cellular information

Personal healing: Work in physical, mental and psychological makeup, self-responsibility and healing ethics, management of transference and counter-issues, and clearing and shielding one’s own aura

This is a four year course offered on one Sunday per month from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.
There will be ten training Sundays per year.

Cost: $1700 plus HST per year.

Modules One and Two are prerequisites for this course and may be taken simultaneously with Module Three.

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